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Welcome to my world. I’m Oliver.

I have always been the good guy, naive and too nice to come far in this world. I was considerate of everyone and wanted to please everyone. Now I’m here to destroy this myth. I was a firm believer in the good in this world and always thought it would come independently by itself to me in this world.

Then came my access to the wisdom of life through a combo of music, cannabis consumption, truth movement, entrepreneurship and spirituality. Now, finally, I am able to create what I have always dreamed of.

I’m a Singer-Songwriter making alternative rap with deep, autobiographical lyrics. I found music and it saved my life. Growing up as an outsider and feeling misunderstood, I started rapping and producing hip hop tracks. Heavily inspired by Brit Pop & Hip Hop I use the spiritual power of music to help people find more significance and meaning in life. Read my full story here