About me

Growing up as a lonely outsider in Hamburg, Germany – the dream of making music as a lifelong career seemed a million miles away to a guy like Oliver Nice. While he started out producing his own Hip-Hop tracks & taking his first major steps towards the m-i-c to drop bars with his closest friend – it would still years before Oliver realized that his experience as an outsider gave him perspective & uniqueness unlike any other. As he refined his style & craft as an artist, singer & songwriter – Nice discovered a profound connection to music that would never leave him; and it remains the inspirational force on his way to #1.

After years of toiling in the scene, with his talent on the backburner as more of a hobby than the career he was destined for – the birth of his daughter & an amicable split from his wife marked an undeniable turning point in Oliver’s life, and music returned to rescue him from the potential darkness of the major changes occurring in his life daily. Channeling his purest thoughts, feelings, and emotions into music that is as endearing as it is entertaining, and as versatile as it is universally accessible – Oliver began to express himself with astoundingly refreshing raw honesty, gripping rhymes, unforgettably memorable hooks, and songs that revealed his genuine personality within every syllable he sang & spit into the mic.

Creating authentically hybrid vibes from Indie-Pop to Alternative Hip-Hop, and producing single-worthy sound from the lefts to the rights – Oliver is now thriving within the local Hamburg music-scene, and set to make a massive impact internationally over the next years to follow with a ton of brand-new tracks. From brilliantly evocative melodies, to vivid lyricism that gets to the heart of his sensitive and empathic persona in powerful ways that speak right to the soul of all who listen – Oliver Nice is doing things on his own terms, in full control of his destiny, and ready to turn his dreams from long ago into his daily reality.